Trump Threatens To Get Men ‘Frisked’ By Cops

Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at combatting the rising crime rates across the United States. Trump’s proposal includes the creation of federal authority to implement stop-and-frisk policies and new indemnification measures to protect local police from lawsuits while addressing the intensifying crime problems in urban areas governed by left-leaning district attorneys.



In an extensive interview with Just the News, Trump expressed his concern about the surge in criminal activities, such as looting, muggings, and car thefts, which he attributes to what he views as misguided “criminal reform” policies championed by progressive district attorneys who choose not to prosecute lawbreakers. He emphasized that the situation has led to a tarnished image of the United States on the global stage.

Trump pointed to the need for a change in approach and outlined several key components of his crime-fighting agenda. This includes establishing federal jurisdiction for implementing stop-and-frisk policies, a strategy notably employed in New York City during the tenure of then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Trump praised the effectiveness of this approach, which contributed to a significant reduction in violent crime rates in the city.

“Trump says if re-elected to the White House he will enact a sweeping new law-and-order agenda that will create federal authority for stop-and-frisk policies and new indemnification from lawsuits to help local police fighting intensifying crime in blue urban area.

You know, we’re a laughingstock all over the world,” he told a town hall-style event sponsored by the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and televised nationally on the Real America’s Voice network.

“No other country has this, where our police are great, but they’re not allowed to do anything because they’re standing there watching these kids walk out with very expensive items, destroying businesses. And then the business closes, and they have empty stores all over the place.”

He argued for a more aggressive and robust stance by law enforcement officials to combat surges in violent crime. Trump stressed the importance of holding offenders accountable and creating a strong deterrent to dissuade individuals from committing further crimes. He suggested that a tough approach could help restore safety in cities plagued by crime.

Trump also called for collaboration with Congress to introduce additional safeguards, including indemnification measures, to boost the confidence of police officers in their crime-fighting efforts. He expressed concern that some cities and states were eliminating qualified immunity for officers, which could discourage them from taking necessary actions.

Under Trump’s proposal, federal indemnification would protect police officers, cities, and states from legal challenges related to their official actions, providing a level of security and confidence for law enforcement personnel to carry out their duties without fear of personal consequences.

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