Trump Threatens To ‘Get Rid’ Of Republican Senator

Former chair of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele, came out swinging after Donald Trump claimed that his MAGA movement has taken over the GOP via Mediaite.



MSNBC’s The Weekend played a clip of Trump claiming at a Get Out The Vote rally in North Carolina Saturday:

And they say, always try to demean, “Well, MAGA really represents 48% of the Republican Part —” No. It represents 96%, and maybe 100%. We’re getting rid of the Romney’s of the world! We want to get Romneys and those out. But they know that we are the only ones who can stop them.

Steele was positively fuming after the clip ended.

“Game on, Trump. Game on. I’ve been in this party since 1976. If anyone is the biggest RINO (Republican in Name Only), it’s you. And we coming for you. So, just so you understand, you drew the line, baby. I’m stepping up to it, and a whole lot of Republicans out there, at least 40 percent or more, are stepping to that line, too. So you just need to chill on that.”

Symone Sanders-Townsend exclaimed, “Michael Steele putting Donald Trump on notice!”

Steele continued, “Just on notice. You bring it, baby. You wanna punk? Let’s punk, baby. Let’s go, one-on-one.”

“We’ve already seen this movie play out, when you say, ‘We are not a big tent and we don’t want you at the table,’” Alicia Menendez said, referring to Arizona Gov. candidate Kari Lake’s (R-AZ) comment that she wanted John McCain voters out of the party.

“That’s the stupidity of the whole thing,” Steele said, continuing:

So, all of these folks, these late to the table RINOs, you want to throw a RINO — Donald Trump, you’re the biggest RINO in the room. The biggest one. And you’ve duped these folks into thinking that you’re somehow the conservative standard bearer? Come on! You want to try to build a party and grow? You’re not doing it, you’re shrinking. What elections have you won? What elections have you won? None, except your own, and you’re not winning this one because you didn’t win the last one.

Steele added, “I’m sick of this crap from these crazy folks that think that they are now the anchor of Republicanism. You’re not, just trust me, you’re not.”

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