Trump To ‘Come After’ Famous Actress After…

Chrissy Teigen recently admitted that she is ‘scared’ that former President Donald Trump will ‘come after her’ because of her outspoken views, if he becomes president again via Daily Mail.



It has been noted that the 38-year-old model spoke about her fears alongside husband John Legend at the annual Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity on Monday.

As Chrissy branded the former president ‘unhinged’, the singer-songwriter admitted it ‘is crucial that he isn’t re-elected’.

The couple, who is giving their full support to President Biden, said it it’s a ‘weird feeling’ not knowing what would happen if Trump came back in power.

Chrissy also reflected on the moment she labelled Trump a ‘P**** a** b****’ on X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2019 – branding the moment a ‘career highlight’ after he contacted Twitter demanding to take her post down.

She said: ‘It’s also kind of scary, because it’s, “Oh, he’s aware of me”. What could really happen because of that? We obviously know he’s unhinged but could he actually come after you in other ways? It’s a weird feeling.’

John said that the idea of Trump coming after him and Chrissy was just a tiny reason people should make sure ‘he didn’t come within a mile of the White House again.’

He added: ‘We’re going to be active. We’re going to the White House on the way home from here and we’re going to support President Biden.’

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