Trump Trial Judge ‘Targeted’ With Bomb Threats

According to Mediaite, in a concerning turn of events, authorities on Long Island swiftly responded to a bomb threat specifically directed at the residence of Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump. Despite the gravity of the situation, the former president proceeded to attend the closing arguments of the trial on Thursday, a day when he was expressly forbidden from making a closing statement.



The prohibition preventing Trump from delivering a closing statement arises from his and his legal team’s persistent refusal to adhere to the terms outlined by Judge Engoron. The judge had laid down explicit guidelines, mandating that the former president stick to the trial’s subject matter and refrain from veering off-topic to deliver what might resemble a campaign speech. The contentious relationship between Trump and Engoron has been a recurrent theme throughout the trial, marked by clashes and tensions.

Just hours before the commencement of Thursday’s proceedings, the gravity of the situation escalated when reports confirmed a bomb threat against Judge Engoron’s residence. The Nassau County bomb squad was promptly dispatched to investigate the threat, emphasizing the serious nature of the incident. As of the latest available information, it remains unclear whether Judge Engoron was at home during the time of the threat.

Despite the security concerns, the court’s proceedings are continuing as planned, underscoring the commitment to upholding the rule of law even in the face of external disruptions. However, reports indicate a delay in processing reporters and lawyers through security lines into the courthouse where the closing arguments are taking place, a consequence of the alleged bomb threat. The unfolding events reflect the delicate balance between maintaining the integrity of legal proceedings and ensuring the safety of all involved parties in a high-stakes trial involving a former president.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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