Trump Tries To Get Fox News Name Fired

It has come to light that former President Donald Trump, who has appeared on and called in to the network on many occasions that Fox News puts on the “worst people.”



The former President on Saturday took to his own social media network, Truth Social, to lob a new attack against a familiar enemy: Fox.

“FoxNews puts on the WORST people, and all done very purposely,” the ex-president said over the weekend.

Specifically, Trump took a shot at Wall Street Journal’s John Bussey.

“John Bussey, a Wall Street Journal Associate Editor, is a real loser who loves to hear himself talk,” the former president said. “When he discusses me, he refuses to say, even though he knows it to be true, that everything I got accused of is a Biden inspired HOAX for purposes of Election Interference.”

Trump then continued:

“He plays right into their web of deceit and deception by not explaining this. Is he a Democrat, or a really dumb Republican? Hard to believe I’m winning by so much with jerks like this stinking up the airwaves.”

It has been noted that that Trump ended with a demand of Fox: “Get rid of him, FoxNews! DJT”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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