Trump VP Candidate Begs Taylor Swift To…

In a recent interview on CNN’s News Central, Rep. Byron Donalds discussed former President Donald Trump’s comments regarding pop star Taylor Swift and her political stance. Donalds, a prominent supporter of Trump and considered a potential vice presidential candidate, clarified Trump’s remarks from a meeting with congressional Republicans.



Anchor Kate Bolduan questioned Donalds about Trump’s apparent discussion of Taylor Swift during the meeting, particularly whether Trump believed he could gain Swift’s support. Donalds explained that Trump wasn’t suggesting he could win Swift’s endorsement but rather reflecting on why Swift might no longer support him, implying she sees shortcomings in President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Donalds conveyed that Trump’s invitation for Swift to join his campaign was more symbolic, suggesting openness to her support should she choose to align with Trump’s policies and leadership style. He highlighted a perceived shift among celebrities, attributing it to dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration and the execution of policies influenced by figures like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

BOLDUAN: As I mentioned, lots of other topics. One thing that came out I just wanted to ask you about. Did he really gripe about Taylor Swift in the meeting with you all and wonder why she’s with Biden and not with him?

DONALDS: No, I think he was more talking about maybe she’s not with him anymore because, I mean, look, Taylor Swift sees what everybody sweet sees. Joe Biden’s really not here. He’s not with us. You know, he’s doing, I guess, the best he can. But the stature and the image of leadership that Americans expect in the United States presidency is not embodied by Joe Biden. Everybody knows that.

BOLDUAN: Did Donald Trump actually — did Donald Trump think that he could get her support?

DONALDS: No, no, no. He just talked about it in terms of Joe Biden. Obviously, you know, Taylor, if you want to come on and join the campaign and support President Trump, we would love to have you.

But that’s something that she’s going to figure out with herself and her team probably. But look, at the end of the day, you’re seeing a lot of celebrities beginning to support President Trump. The reason why is because the country is a flat-out mess.

Joe Biden has made every wrong decision. The Democrats have supported every decision. Frankly, there’s a lot of these Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren policies that he has executed here in our country. It’s simply not working.

So that’s why you have a lot of celebrities who were very in favor of Joe Biden four years ago are now very, very quiet. And some of them have come out for Donald Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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