Trump VP Candidate Said He Assaulted Woman

It has been noted that a new investigation by CNN’s KFile team revealed that Trump VP hopeful and Ohio Senator J.D. Vance liked tweets labeling the man he hopes to serve under “douchey,” accusing him of “serial sexual assault,” and even expressing an interest in working under his then-rival, Hillary Clinton via Mediaite.



Senator Vance is one of former President Donald Trump’s most emotiveallies in Congress now, even earning himself a spot on Trump’s shortlist to be his running mate.

However, this alliance is still a relatively new one. Back in 2016, he called himself a “Never Trump guy” and called Trump “reprehensible” and an “idiot.” In text messages to a friend, Vance even compared the Republican nominee to Adolf Hitler.

Vance has since got on the back foot, even designing his entire Senate campaign in 2022 — successfully — around securing Trump’s endorsement, rather than appealing directly to voters. But the KFILE investigation reveals that Vance’s disdain for Trump was even more pronounced than has been previously known.

From the KFILE report:

In February 2016, Vance liked a tweet featuring a photo of Trump, two women and O.J. Simpson with the caption, “Here is an old picture of one of USA’s most hated, villainous, douchey celebs. Also in picture: OJ Simpson.”

Vance also liked tweets from August 2016 that praised his book and envisioned a role for him in a potential Clinton administration and another tweet suggesting he could provide Clinton with the “seeds to a plan to defeat Trump.” But Vance soon began liking several tweets with the hashtag #NeverHillary through October 2016.

While promoting his memoir and appearing on news programs in 2016, Vance liked a series of tweets calling then-candidate Trump a “monster” and a “nemesis of the GOP.” He also liked a tweet acknowledging “threats and derogatory terms Trump supporters hurl at Jews.” He even liked a tweet from CNN anchor Jake Tapper criticizing Trump’s tweet about a woman’s appearance amidst then-first lady Melania Trump’s campaign against cyberbullying

Among the other notable tweets that Trump liked were ones that “Does any dad (or future dad) want to look his daughter in the eye and explain why he voted for Trump instead of 1st woman president?” and “Maybe the Central Park 5 could take out a full-page ad to condemn the coddling of thug real estate barons who commit serial sexual assault.”

The new revelations about Vance’s hatred for Trump — and affinity for Clinton — could hurt his stock in the veepstakes. But then again, his transformation goes to show just how submissive a partner Vance might make for on the ticket.

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