Trump ‘Walks Out’ Of New York Court Room After..

Donald Trump, the former president, blasted Judge Arthur Engoron outside the courtroom where his fraud trial is taking place. He ignored inquiries on his comments from last night’s debate and his use of the term “dictator.”



Trump’s trial in the fraud lawsuit that New York Attorney General Letitia James filed is being overseen by Judge Engoron. Throughout the trial, Trump has made numerous appearances and taken advantage of many occasions to vent to media in between sessions.

Reporters bombarded Trump during his court appearance on Thursday morning with questions about the candidates “taking shots” at him during the debate on Wednesday night and his recent declaration that he would be a “dictator” on “day one,” but Trump had other ideas.

A reporter asked Trump, “What’s your reaction to the governors taking shots at you yesterday? The president did well yesterday. What is your reaction to the governor?”

“Thank you very much. Everybody is. This is a witch hunt, the likes of which probably nobody has ever seen. And you have people being murdered outside all over the streets. They’re being murdered. This violent crime, and this attorney general is crazy. She’s a lunatic. The attorney general. Sincere because she knows that she has a judge in the matter. With all the evidence that you have, that judge is going to rule in their favor. He ruled against me before the case even started. The case had started. He knew nothing, and he ruled against me,” Trump declared.

“The other thing is, this is an oral argument. I’m sure it was what was good for her case. And the value of $18 million when, in fact, it’s worth anywhere from 50 to 100 times that amount. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. But just remember what I said at the beginning. We won at the appellate division, and this judge refuses to honor that victory or that decision for that demand. Thank you very much,” Trump added.


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