Trump Wants Famous Woman To Get Arrested In Court

Former President Donald Trump recently got know from reporters about the arrest of a woman who tried to approach him during his fraud trial, yelling that she wanted to help him — and Trump instantly went on the attack via Media Ite.



It has been noted that on Wednesday morning, Trump showed up for a second straight day for his trial in the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James and presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron.

Throughout the day, Trump took the occasional opportunity to rant to reporters about the case — all of which was captured by cameras outside the courtroom.

Shortly after noon, those cameras also captured the arrest of a woman who had yelled out in court to Trump.

According to a statement emailed to Mediaite by the New York Office of Court Administration, the unidentified woman — a court employee — “disrupted the proceedings”:

“Yesterday at the People of the State of NY vs. Trump civil trial taking place at 60 Centre Street, an individual disrupted the proceedings by standing up and walking towards the front of the courtroom and yelling out to Mr. Trump indicating she wanted to assist him. This individual was stopped by court officers before she got near Mr. Trump or any of the attorneys or other litigants. None of the parties were ever in any danger. The individual was safely escorted out of the courtroom and the courthouse by uniformed court officers and has been charged with Contempt of Court in the 2nd degree, i.e. disrupting a court proceeding.

“Upon investigation, it has been determined that this individual is a court employee. The employee has been placed on immediate administrative leave pending investigation of the incident and prohibited from entering any UCS facility until further notice. Her next court date is October 31st.”

But Trump didn’t seem to know anything about the arrest when he emerged during a break several hours later and was asked about it by reporters. Attorney Alina Habba said they were aware but Trump asked the reporters to fill him in — after which he promptly went after AG James:

“REPORTER 1: Mr. Trump do you know the woman who was arrested? Do you know the woman who was arrested?

DONALD TRUMP: Thank you very much, do you have a question?

REPORTER 1: Yes. Do you know, the woman who was arrested, and do you —

ALINA HABBA: No. No. We’re aware of it.

(Trump inaudibly confers with Habba)

DONALD TRUMP: Who got arrested?

REPORTER 1: A woman tried to approach you in the courtroom.

REPORTER 2: She says she’s related to you. Says you’re (inaudible). Was trying to support you.

DONALD TRUMP: You know who should be arrested? The attorney general should be arrested for what she’s doing. Thank you very much.

REPORTER 2: Mr. Trump, are you coming back tomorrow?

REPORTER 1: Are you coming back tomorrow??”

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