Trump Warned About Being Shot Down On Plane

Former President Donald Trump recently took to the stage Saturday night in West Palm Beach, Florida, to close out day one of the Turning Point Action Conference, and those who came hoping to see vintage DJT were not disappointed. He stepped up to the podium, greeted by enthusiastic applause and accompanied by his usual song, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”



During a speech, he discussed a myriad of topics. But one thing showed what makes Trump so different than most politicians: his storytelling ability. Biden likes to spin yarns, but they’re usually creepily dubious tales of his confrontations with “Corn Pop” or reminiscences about how little children used to like playing with the hair on his legs or how he’s been shot at.

He takes on multiple voices like a skilled comedian, fires off a shot at Rosie O’Donnell, and in general just seems to be having a great time.

So I get on Air Force One. And we’re getting ready to land in Iraq. And they come, we’re about an hour and a half out—“Sir, we’d like to turn off all lights in the plane.”

Oh, why? Why do I have to turn off lights? “Sir, we want the plane to be totally dark. We’re gonna be landing in an enemy zone.” I said, “We’ve been fighting ’em for 21 years! We got the best weapons! What the hell is the enemy zone?”…

So they’re leading me along the hallways… There were a lot of people up [in the cockpit], all like central casting. You could make a movie with every one of them. Could be a star and make bigger stars than they have right now. Today, who the hell do we have? We don’t have stars today. We have Rosie, today we have Rosie.

You know, I say to the captain. I don’t see any lights. He said, “Sir, we don’t need them. We have the finest equipment in the world…”

400. 300. 200 feet off the ground…

Bing boom. Boom, boom, boom. [The plane lands safely.]

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
A dedicated pro wrestling follower for more than a decade

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