Trump Warned Big Name About Nuclear War On Plane

In his new book, “The Reformer’s Dilemma,” former Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló recounts his interactions with then-President Donald Trump during Trump’s 2017 visit to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. The Category 5 hurricane had caused immense devastation and loss of life on the island. Among the visit’s many memorable moments was Trump controversially throwing supplies to hurricane survivors.



In an excerpt obtained by The Hill, Rosselló recalls a particularly unsettling conversation with Trump. While flying over the damaged areas, Trump commented on nature’s resilience, saying, “Nature has a way of coming back,” but then added, “Well, it does until it does not. Who knows with nuclear warfare what will happen.” Rosselló was especially alarmed when Trump continued, “But I tell you what… If nuclear war happens, we won’t be second in line pressing the button.” This statement, according to Rosselló, was surreal and deeply concerning, especially given the context of their surroundings.

Trump has frequently expressed his concern about the threat of nuclear war. In a recent interview with Fox News, he reiterated that it remains his top worry, criticizing President Biden’s focus on global warming as the greatest existential threat. Trump remarked, “But this is the big threat. I watched Biden the other night. It’s the greatest existential — he loves that word because it’s a big word and he thinks — you know, he thinks — he knows — he doesn’t even know what the hell the word means. He goes, it’s the greatest existential threat to our country, global warming. In the meantime, you’ve got these maniacs with nuclear weapons that can do damage which I won’t even talk to you about.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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