Trump Warned To His Face By Woman: ‘I Was Crying’

Paula White shared insights into her long-standing relationship with the former president and her role in encouraging him to run for office during a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s conference. White recounted a pivotal moment in 2011 when Trump, dissatisfied with the direction of the country, sought her opinion on running for president. She claimed to have advised him after prayer that he would become president one day, albeit cautioning him about the “price” he would pay.



White emphasized that despite the challenges and controversies Trump faced during his presidency, including legal battles and personal scrutiny, she believed it was worthwhile due to the legislative achievements she credited to his administration, particularly in favor of religious freedoms. She recounted Trump’s purported words to her in 2014 when he decided to run, reflecting on their journey together despite uncertainties about their path.

Having known Trump for over two decades since he reached out to her after seeing her on TV, White has been a staunch supporter and was instrumental in his Evangelical advisory board during his campaign. She also served as an advisor for the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative in the White House. White’s speech also touched on her concerns about religious freedoms under the current administration of President Joe Biden, highlighting what she perceives as attacks on these freedoms.

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