Trump Was Humiliated After Haircut At Barber Shop

Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, shared insights into the former president’s punctuality obsession in her book “Raising Trump,” published before her death in July 2022. In the book, Ivana revealed that Donald Trump was “utterly obsessed” with being on time, emphasizing the importance of punctuality.



Ivana, who married Donald Trump in 1977 and had three children with him before their divorce in 1992, recounted an incident where Donald Trump left their son Donald Jr. on the airport tarmac for being five minutes late. According to Ivana, Donald Trump’s commitment to punctuality meant arriving five minutes early was considered being on time.

In a somewhat unrelated matter, a source claimed that Donald Trump’s impatience and constant rushing around could be the reason for the varying color of his hair. The source stated that Trump’s inability to sit still at the hairdresser’s chair made it challenging for the hair color to set properly. Trump’s hair color reportedly fluctuates from dark blonde to light to bright orange, depending on how long he allows the hairdresser to work on it.

The source suggested that Trump’s impatience results in a lack of consistent color, and his hair can change every few weeks. Additionally, it was mentioned that Trump dislikes the hair dye process, and the shorter time he gives the stylist, the more orange his hair gets. The source connected Trump’s changing appearance to his potential run for the Republican Party nomination, indicating a visual makeover to attract younger voters and present a more youthful image.

These anecdotes provide a glimpse into Donald Trump’s idiosyncrasies and his approach to both time management and personal grooming, as described by his first wife Ivana and an anonymous insider source.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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