Trump Wins Bet Against OJ & Lawrence Taylor

According to The Express, UFC fighter Bo Nickal shared a fascinating story about his golf outing with former President Donald Trump, Lawrence Taylor (LT), and Ottis “OJ” Anderson. Trump invited Nickal to Trump National Golf Club Bedminster after watching his recent UFC match cage-side in Las Vegas.



After Nickal’s impressive victory, Trump invited him to golf in New Jersey. Nickal recounted the experience on “The Joe Rogan Experience: MMA Show,” describing the surreal moment of golfing with Trump, LT, and OJ Anderson.

Nickal, a former collegiate wrestler, highlighted the unexpected journey from growing up in a small Wyoming town to fighting in the UFC and golfing with Donald Trump. The foursome, consisting of Nickal, Trump, Anderson, and LT, played golf for four hours, creating a memorable experience for the UFC fighter.

Trump, known for his golfing skills, impressed Nickal during the game. According to Nickal, Trump and LT were playing for a significant amount, around a thousand dollars per hole. Despite a competitive match, it came down to the last hole, with Trump delivering a clutch shot that secured the win.

Nickal praised Trump’s golfing abilities, noting that he hit every fairway, reached every green, and showcased remarkable precision. The story captured the unexpected and humorous moments during their golf outing, portraying Trump as a skilled and charismatic golfer.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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