Trump Witness ‘Backs Up’ Fani Willis Cash Accusation

CNN secured an exclusive interview with Stan Brody, the estate ambassador for Acumen Wines, supporting key claims made by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis faced a challenge from one of Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election crimes case, seeking her removal over an alleged conflict of interest.



The challenge against disqualifying Willis revolves around the argument that she did not financially benefit from her association with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis contended that she repaid shared expenses with Wade, countering the conflict of interest allegations.

CNN correspondent Zachary Cohen reported on this development, highlighting an interview with Stan Brody, who hosted Willis and Wade during their visit to Acumen Wines last year. Brody recalled that when the bill arrived, Fani Willis unexpectedly paid nearly $400 in cash, a detail that struck him as unusual.

The interview clip with Brody was played on CNN News Central, with Cohen explaining its relevance to the case. The lack of a paper trail with cash payments becomes a critical point, and the judge is considering whether Willis should be disqualified based on the financial benefit question. If Willis is removed from the case, it is suggested that any prospects of prosecuting Donald Trump in Georgia would effectively come to an end.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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