Trump’s Actor Friend Asks For Biden ‘Execution’

It has been noted that eighties megastar-turned-MAGA celebrity and Masked Singer star John Schneider told President Joe Biden that he and First Son Hunter Biden should be executed. It was just minutes after the episode in which his identity was revealed.



For seven seasons, Schneider rode the wave of heartthrob status as one-half — along with dark-haired dreamboat Tom Wopat — of the duo known in popular culture as The Duke Boys.

Never meanin’ no harm, they rollicked around the eponymous Georgia county of The Dukes of Hazzard staying one step ahead of the law and two steps behind Catherine Bach’s Daisy Duke.

Although their escapades did indeed beat all you never saw, the Duke boys eventually fell victim to Hollywood gravity — but Schneider continued to rack up hundreds of other film and TV credits — who can forget his turn as DEA Agent Cliff Adams in Cocaine Wars or Dusty Gutman in Jingle Smells — and reprised his role as Bo Duke in several reunion movies and an Auto Trader ad.

Schneider has also become a frequent guest on right-wing news shows, where he has criticized Biden in the past.

But now he’s going directly to the source — sort of.

On Wednesday, President Biden posted a message on X/Twitter slamming former President Donald Trump, writing:

“Trump poses many threats to our country: The right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s standing in the world.

But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy.

If we lose that, we lose everything.”

Schneider replied by addressing the president directly, calling for him and his son to be publicly hanged, and demanding a response:

“Mr. President, I believe you are guilty of treason and should be publicly hung. Your son too.
Your response is..?
John Schneider”

Well, at least he said “sincerely.”

The tweet came just minutes after the big reveal that Schneider was the singer known as “Donut” — to the shock of the appreciative judges.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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