Trump’s Attorney General Proves He Has Low IQ

Bill Barr isn’t being kind to his former boss. In an event at Harvard’s Institute of Politics on Thursday night, Bill Barr was asked about what he thinks of Donald Trump and his actions, including his vocabulary.



Barr took a jibe at Trump, and called it funny. He said Trump uses ‘very’ more than anything. Barr indirectly wanted to say that Trump has low IQ. Bill spoke to CBS Chief Correspondent Jan Crawford, and even answered the question on whether Trump was losing his mind.

“That was appalling,” Crawford said. “I mean, do you think he’s– is he losing it?”

“His verbal skills are limited,” Barr replied, prompting chuckles from the audience. “And so he, you know, if you get him away from ‘very, very, very,’ the adjectives sort of– they’re unfamiliar to him and they sort of spill out and he goes too far. You know, he’s not very disciplined when it comes to what he says.”

Bill Barr has a history against Donald Trump

While Donald Trump was his former boss, Bill Barr doesn’t seem to be kind towards the former president. According to Mediaite, he took every moment to pass a comment on his former boss. The comments were not pleasent, but there wasn’t any other way to put those details through.

He talked about the current situation with Donald Trump. Barr even called Trump a “very pretty man.” He went on to say that Trump wants to become president for retribution. It would be interesting to see if this is actually the case with the former president.

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