Trump’s Black Prosecutor Reveals Sad ‘Racist Abuse’

According to Mediate, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis remains resolute and undeterred in the face of threats and racist vitriol directed at her for prosecuting former President Donald Trump. In an interview at the Revolt World Festival, Willis discussed her response to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan’s criticism of her RICO charges against Trump and his alleged co-conspirators.



Willis had publicly rebuked Jordan for his intrusion into her case and his “outrageous misrepresentations” surrounding it. When asked about Jordan’s letter and other threats she has received, Willis stated firmly, “To threaten me is a waste of time. It’s a complete waste of their time, and it’s not going to get anyone results.”

She emphasized that her commitment to upholding the law is unwavering, regardless of the source of the threats, whether it’s a member of Congress or someone from the community. Willis described herself as an “equal-opportunity prosecutor,” emphasizing that anyone who violates the law in her jurisdiction will be held accountable.

Willis has previously spoken about the racially charged threats she and her staff have faced in connection with the Trump case. She provided further insight into the impact on her family, explaining that people targeted her ex-husband, despite their divorce being years ago, and that her children and father were doxxed on a Russian website where racial abuse was directed towards her.

I don’t care if it’s a member of Congress; I don’t care if it’s someone in the community. One thing people learn about me is I’m an equal-opportunity prosecutor,” she said. “If you come into this community and you violate the law, you’re going to be held accountable.

“I’ve been called the N-word so many times, I don’t even think I hear it anymore,” she said. “A lot of ugly and nasty things about me, but just with the purpose of — you should go intimidate and threaten this person and their family because of certain prosecutions.”

Despite the disturbing threats and personal attacks, Willis remained steadfast in her dedication to her work, describing the threats to her loved ones as “unfair.” She made it clear that the intimidation tactics employed against her and her family would not deter her from pursuing justice.

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