Trump’s Boy Blew $250,000 Per Month On…

According to Mediate, the trajectory of Rudy Giuliani’s life has taken a startling turn, as revealed by a biographer familiar with the former New York mayor’s recent troubles. Andrew Kirtzman, an experienced journalist who has covered Giuliani for decades and recently penned a biography about him, provided insights into the dire state of Giuliani’s affairs.



Giuliani’s woes have reached a critical juncture, with his former lawyer and longtime friend, Robert Costello, taking legal action against him. Costello has filed a lawsuit seeking $1.36 million in unpaid legal fees related to various cases. This legal battle is just one of the many challenges Giuliani currently faces.

One of the most significant legal issues haunting Giuliani is his indictment in Georgia, stemming from his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. Additionally, he awaits a civil trial in which a jury will determine the damages he must pay to two election workers he defamed during his campaign to challenge the election results.

Kirtzman, appearing on CNN’s “The Source,” underscored the gravity of Giuliani’s situation. He highlighted the astonishing number of legal entanglements Giuliani has found himself in over the past four years. Costello has represented Giuliani through four investigations, three of which are criminal, along with ten civil suits and two disbarment hearings. Kirtzman also hinted at the possibility of a sexual harassment suit by a former employee, adding that Giuliani’s penchant for perilous situations is entirely self-inflicted.

When discussing Giuliani’s recent legal woes, Kaitlan Collins, the show’s host, pointed out his close association with Donald Trump during the past four years, highlighting that many of his troubles seemed linked to his role as Trump’s personal attorney.

Kirtzman concurred, emphasizing that Giuliani’s actions were primarily in service of Donald Trump. He expressed doubt about whether Giuliani would ultimately view his choices as worth the risks, particularly if he ends up behind bars.

Perhaps the most startling revelation is Giuliani’s current financial predicament. Kirtzman disclosed that Giuliani, once worth an impressive $100 million, is now on the brink of financial ruin. Giuliani Partners, the firm he founded after gaining fame for his response to the 9/11 attacks, generated $100 million in revenue over five years. However, Giuliani has squandered his wealth, compounded by several divorces and extravagant spending habits.

Kirtzman elaborated on Giuliani’s lavish lifestyle, revealing that he and his ex-wife were spending a staggering $250,000 a month on what they deemed “fun.” This profligate spending now stands in stark contrast to his penniless state and impending legal troubles.

In summary, Giuliani’s remarkable fall from grace, marked by financial ruin and a slew of legal battles, has left him in a dire situation. Once a figure worth $100 million and a prominent leader, Giuliani is now grappling with the consequences of his actions, prompting Kirtzman to conclude that he is “in a world of trouble.”

“I mean, one of the striking things about the lawsuit I read today was just how much trouble Giuliani has gotten himself into over four years,” Kirtzman told host Kaitlan Collins. “Costello has represented him through four investigations – three of them criminal – 10 civil suits, two disbarment hearings. And I don’t even know if that includes the sexual harassment suit by a former employee. I mean, Giuliani has just this deep attraction to danger and you know, he has no one to blame but himself.”

“But when you mentioned the last four years, all of that also goes back to his dealings with Donald Trump,” Collins said, alluding to the fact Giuliani was formerly Trump’s personal attorney.

“It’s all in service of Donald Trump,” he said. “And I think if, you know, one day Giuliani ends up sitting in a jail cell, he’s really gonna have to think through whether it was all worth it.”

Kirtzman added that Giuliani is broke despite once being worth $100 million. He further explained that Giuliani and his ex-wife used to spend $250,000 a month on “fun”:

Well, I mean, Giuliani’s going broke. He’s going broke and he’s facing prison. And, you know, his catastrophic fall is just one of the great, kind of, rise and falls of our generation. I mean, Giuliani was once worth $100 million. His Giuliani Partners was founded right after 9/11 to capitalize on his 9/11 fame. The place made $100 million over five years.

Giuliani has squandered it. He’s had several divorces. He lived very high, his ex-wife said that they were burning through $250,000 a month on sheer “fun.” A month! I mean, he lived very well and now he’s penniless and facing prison. It’s an extraordinary story.

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