Trump’s Boy Gaetz Says GOP Congressman Dates Men

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).has lashed out on his fellow Republican Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) on his podcast “Firebrand with Matt Gaetz.” Gatez accused Smith of working for Washington lobbyists. He called the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee “one of the most loyal lapdogs.”



Gatez stated a cryptic term for Smith saying that he was “living a lie.” This comes after the speaker position in the House of Representatives has been filled and the chaos after Kevin McCarthy getting ousted has come to rest.

See, Jason Smith has achieved power in Washington in a lot of the way[s] most people do,” Gaetz said. “You get money from the lobbyists and special interests, you in turn give that money to the party bosses for their political funds, and then they allow you to move up. And no question, Jason Smith has one of the most prime posts in the House of Representatives, chairing the Ways and Means Committee.

Do Matt Gaetz and Jason Smith have a feud?

Matt Gaetz played a clip of Smith criticizing him for voting to remove Kevin McCarthy from his position as the speaker of the house. As stated earlier, this led to a chaos where many people tried to get the coveted position, but failed. Smith responded to Gaetz’s charge that McCarthy tried to stop Republicans from achieving the position.

Let me just tell you, if Matt Gaetz’s lips are moving, it’s only lies that’s coming out of it. That gentleman only loves to propel himself and propaganda. He sounds like a Democrat. It’s exactly what Democrats say. They accuse Donald Trump of everything that they’re doing. Matt Gaetz is accusing Kevin McCarthy for everything that he’s doing.

Smith also went ahead and called Gaetz “a foolish liar.” According to Mediaite, the remarks didn’t sit well with Matt who spoke about this in length on his podcast. He even called Smith “living a lie.” Smith hasn’t responded yet to Gaetz’s comments.

Jason Smith says if my lips are moving, I’m lying. Well, you know what? If Jason Smith is breathing, he is living a lie. There might not be another member of Congress who lives a lie every day more than Jason Smith. And Jason Smith knows exactly what I’m talking about. And by the way, so does almost every member of the House Republican caucus.

So, there’s a good deal of projection in Jason Smith calling me a liar when it’s Jason Smith, who literally has to live a lie. And I honestly pity him for that because you know, it wouldn’t be something that– I wouldn’t live that way. I’ll just put it that way. So, Jason, I would check yourself before you come at me with any accusations of being dishonest about what I say, when you’re dishonest about how you live and what you do.

It would be interesting to see what turns out of this conversation between Gaetz and Smith. The two Republicans may have some score to settle, and no one knows how that will be done.

Do you have a suggestion for Matt Gaetz and Jason Smith to call a truce? Sound off in the comments.

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