Trump’s Congressman Admits Biden Bribery Is A Lie

Disappointing political news was delivered in real time to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo during Tuesday’s program of Mornings With Maria. Congresswoman Lisa McClain, a Republican, acknowledged that there is no proof to back up the assertions that President Joe Biden altered any policies as a result of getting funding from China. As Bartiromo was informed of this information live on television, viewers watched.



The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. James Comer, is looking into President Joe Biden and his family members. Rep. Comer has continued to claim that the Bidens have accepted money from other countries, most notably China, in exchange for changes to policy that are advantageous to China. Since the charges surfaced, there have been numerous congressional hearings and appearances on television news, but no proof has been discovered.

However, this has not kept Bartiromo from keeping that narrative alive, as she has shown a deep willingness to amplify absurdist news stories when almost every reasonable person sees there is no there.

On Tuesday morning, she lauded her guest, Rep. McClain, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, saying, “It’s incredible what your committee has been able to expose so much information about these 20 Shell companies that Joe Biden set up and his family set up while he was vice president. The 176 suspicious activity reports the witness testimony, of course, all indicating or suggesting that there could be some serious crime here, like bribery or money laundering.”

Suggesting is in the eye of the beholder, of course. She would probably be equally upset if Bartiromo looked as eagerly into the shell companies and deals that former President Donald Trump and HIS family members made with China. But I digress.

“Have you been able to identify any actual policy changes that Joe Biden made as a result of getting money from China?” Bartiromo asked, to which McClain closed her eyes and admitted, “The short answer is no. That’s what we’re trying to get to right now.”

“That’s why Jamie Comer, our Chairman Comer, is requesting those documents that the FBI knew he had had those classified documents for 18 months and sat on those. What were in those documents? Because what Jamie Comer has been able to do is actually take a concept and actually have forensic data to connect the dots differently than what happened, say, under the last administration, where it was just a bunch of hearsay. ”


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