Trump’s Congresswoman Done After Speaker Betrayal?

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene pressed her dissatisfaction with House Speaker Mike Johnson after the House passed a foreign aid package that she and some MAGA Republicans opposed. During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Greene voiced her criticism of the bill, the media’s reaction, and Johnson’s role in pushing the bill through with bipartisan support.



Greene warned that MAGA voters might be so disillusioned with the Republican party’s leadership that they would consider staying home during the 2024 election cycle. She told Bannon that the MAGA base was “done with the Republican party” and cited Johnson’s support for the bipartisan foreign aid package as a key reason for the discontent.

The foreign aid package passed the House on Saturday with significant bipartisan support, with a vote of 311-112. Johnson, who had been recently elected as House Speaker, faced opposition from Greene and other MAGA Republicans but proceeded with support for the bill, despite her threats to oust him from his position.

They’re angry on a whole ‘nother level. And here’s what really worries me: They’re done with the Republican party. They are absolutely done with Republican leadership like Mike Johnson, who totally sold us out to the Democrats, joined the Uni-Party faster than anyone we’ve ever seen in history, and literally made a night-and-day change in a matter of months. Betrayed everyone. Betrayed the entire Republican party. Betrayed Republican voters, betrayed the Republican conference. And voters? Voters are so angry this time. But I’m really worried, I am really worried. They’re so angry. They’re not going to give us the majority back in 2025.

Greene’s comments reflect the ongoing tensions within the Republican party, particularly between establishment Republicans and the MAGA wing. Her warning suggests that dissatisfaction with party leadership could lead to a lack of voter enthusiasm among MAGA supporters, potentially impacting Republican prospects in the 2024 elections.

Harrison Carter
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