Trump’s Congresswoman Says House Speaker ‘Full of Sh..’

It has been noted that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has claimed that she is “not full of sh** like Mike Johnson is” during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s show.



It has been noted that was just the latest shot fired at Johnson by Greene. She has been a vocal critic who has bashed the House Speaker in recent weeks, inserting herself at the center of a potential vote to vacate the speakership just months after Johnson was voted in to replace ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“They know I mean exactly every single word I say,” Greene told Bannon on his show Friday. “And I’m not full of shit, just like Mike Johnson is. And I’m actually going to follow through with actions instead of lie to people on television and in press conferences and out on the campaign trail.”

It is noted that there has been a long list of headline-grabbing statements labeled throughout her political career, including a number of claims she has had to apologize for. Remember her claims about “Jewish Space Lasers” or QAnon conspiracy theories, theories she has since apologized to her Republican colleagues for amplifying.

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