Trump’s Enemy Quits Speaker of the House Race

Tom Emmer maybe the latest name to step away from the speaker’s position in the House of Representatives. This shouldn’t come as a shock because Tom has seen things turn for him, and he didn’t want to follow the Jim Jordan fate.



It’s worth noting that Kevin McCarthy was ousted some time ago. Since then there’s been a rush to find out who would take the next spot as the speaker of the house. Jim Jordan tried thrice, but couldn’t get the desired number of votes all along.

Emmer was one of the nine Republicans who tried for the position. Tom was unable to get the required count and thereby missed the opportunity to get the title of the ‘Speaker of the House’ added to his list of accomplishments.

NEW — EMMER just briskly walked out of the Longworth House Office Building.

The meeting is ongoing and he’s gone.

The defeat, according to Mediaite, has some section of Donald Trump’s comments about the candidacy of Tom Emmer. Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman told on X (formerly Twitter) that Emmer has dropped out. This was a follow up tweet to his previous one where he said that Emmer has briskly walked out of the building.

Do you think anyone will be able to take the position soon? Sound off in the comments.

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