Trump’s Family Drops ‘Death Penalty’ Bombshell

During a recent interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, expressed his belief that the prosecutors involved in his father’s civil fraud case are aiming to secure an extraordinarily severe penalty for his father. In response to a question from Eric Bolling, the host of The Balance, regarding his potential testimony in the case, Trump Jr. confirmed his upcoming appearance, denouncing the ongoing legal proceedings as yet another farcical endeavor.



Trump Jr. further underscored his concerns about biased proceedings, citing previous instances of perjury and the apparent disregard for established legal norms. Characterizing the trial as a “kangaroo court,” he criticized what he perceives as a predetermined narrative and a relentless pursuit of a particular agenda, irrespective of legal guidelines or constitutional principles.

Emphasizing the perceived double standards in the media and political spheres, Trump Jr. invoked questions about financial transactions and potential conflicts of interest, suggesting a lack of accountability in these areas. He criticized the media and Washington’s reluctance to address these concerns while concurrently pursuing what he described as an excessively punitive approach toward his father.

It shows you what happens when you’re in a kangaroo court, Eric. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, it doesn’t matter what general practices and business would be. It doesn’t matter. They have a narrative, they have an end goal, and they’ll do do whatever it takes to get there.

He concluded, “I think the people understand that. They see what Joe Biden is doing. You see the checks, you see the wire transfers, you wonder why the grandchildren are getting checks from the Chinese government. You know, those are all reasonable questions and yet no one asks them. Our mainstream media, the people in DC, unwilling to ask it, but they want to throw Trump in jail for a thousand years and/or the death penalty. Truly sick stuff, but this is why we fight.”

Concluding his remarks, Trump Jr. highlighted what he sees as a broader battle against what he perceives as unjust legal actions and media biases. His assertions paint a picture of a deeply polarized and contentious political landscape, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and engagement in the face of what he views as targeted persecution.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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