Trump’s Fox Guy Says Obama’s ‘Roots Are In Africa’

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently marked his promotion to the network’s 8 p.m. time slot by calling Barack Obama “a citizen of the world” more than a citizen of the United States.



It has been noted that on Monday, installment of The Five – Watters’ other show, which he co-hosts – he addressed remarks by the former president on CNN. Obama spoke about the massive coverage of the ill-fated Titan submersible in which five people were killed via implosion – compared to a boat carrying migrants that sank near Greece, killing hundreds.

“Twenty-four-hour coverage,” Obama said of the time spent on the sub. “At the same time, right here, just off the coast of Greece we had 700 people dead… It’s not dominating in the same way. In some ways, it’s indicative of the degree to which people’s life chances have grown so disparate.”

Watters scoffed at the former president’s assessment.

“Well, when you’re a citizen of the world, you always think about the world instead of the United States,” he began, before listing reasons why Obama might have allegiances to regions that aren’t the U.S. “Remember, this is a guy whose father has roots in Africa. This is a guy who spent a lot of his childhood in Southeast Asia.”

Obama’s father was born in Kenya and as a child, the future president spent two years living in Indonesia.

“And then [he] spent a lot of time in Hawaii. Was the last state to get a star on the flag?” Watters continued, referring to Obama’s place of birth and Hawaii’s status as the newest state. “But, he’s never really looking at things from an American perspective. He’s always speaking to the world – even when he’s speaking to us, he’s appealing to the world.”

He concluded by calling Obama’s reaction “snobby.”

“We don’t live in Europe, Barack Obama,” Watters said. “This is the United States of America. And it just shows how naive, detached, how snobby he is to not understand this is the United States, and as sad as it is – and it was a horrible story off the coast – it’s not something that concerns most Americans in their spare time.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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