Trump’s Girl Getting Ron DeSantis Arrested?

According to Laura Loomer, Ron DeSantis could get arrested for his alleged FEC violations.  This was due to DeSantis’ campaign getting hit with a violation letter.



Looks like @RonDeSantis could be facing jail time for his FEC violations that I have exclusively reported on this morning. I obtained a copy of the letter sent to @TeamDeSantis by the FEC, notifying DeSantis’s campaign that they are in violation of federal campaign finance laws. Since @TeamDeSantis says we can’t have a candidate on the ballot who could possibly go to jail, I guess this means @RonDeSantis will be dropping out right? Those of the RINOS rules, not mine! And @RonDeSantis believes in those rules.

In a concerning turn of events that raises questions about press freedom and access, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign team has been accused of attempting to curtail media coverage by prohibiting reporters from Iowa Starting Line from covering his campaign activities in the Hawkeye State. This incident unfolded during DeSantis’ campaign stop at the American Legion in Harlan, where Starting Line’s Chief Political Correspondent Ty Rushing and another reporter found themselves met with a group of Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies who informed them of their exclusion from the event.

Deputy Bill McDaniel, one of the law enforcement officers present, stated that the campaign labeled the event as private and expressed the campaign’s preference to bar Starting Line’s reporters. However, no further details were provided regarding the campaign’s motivations behind this decision. This exclusionary action stood in stark contrast to the inclusion of other media outlets at the event.

Interestingly, the ban extended beyond merely attending the event, as DeSantis engaged with other reporters on the front lawn, while Starting Line’s reporters were sidelined and prohibited from participating in this important aspect of the campaign coverage. Throughout the event, sheriff’s deputies remained on duty, guarding the sidewalk and contributing to the atmosphere of restricted access.

Preceding the incident in Harlan, Starting Line had previously reported on a DeSantis event in Atlantic, which was marked by the private security team associated with DeSantis capturing photos of the reporters and closely shadowing them during the proceedings. Ty Rushing, who had covered seven previous DeSantis events, expressed the oddity of the situation, juxtaposing his recent experiences of dining with the governor of Minnesota at the Iowa State Fair with the stark contrast of being denied access to a campaign event by the governor of Florida.

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