Trump’s Girl Shockingly Praises Kamala Harris

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany recently talked about Kamala Harris and lauded the vice president on her delivery and focus on her issues of choice during a television interview via Mediaite.



Harris joined The View on Wednesday, where she mostly focused on abortion rights, pushed back on criticisms of President Joe Biden, and delved into the issues at stake in the 2024 election. When Outnumbered reacted to this in the next hour, McEnany said that even though she politically disagrees with Harris on almost every level, “It was one of her better interviews when it came to style.”

She’s been clearly doing some sort of media training, and she’s been deployed to hit three buckets: Progressives, where she has more credibility than Joe Biden. She did that today, talked about Israel and Gaza. Young people, she’s been going to campuses. She hit that today in this interview. She literally said, “I love Gen-Z.” She kept bringing up student loans. And then, women. She’s on a show whose audience is mainly women. She brought up abortion again and again and again. Even when she was given low-hanging fruit — she was asked about January 6th and 91 indictments against Trump — she pivoted right back to abortion, because she knows what is true. The GOP has lost every single abortion ballot initiative post-Roe. Every single one.

McEnany noted that Harris seems to be trying to gin up more women voters in swing states where abortion initiatives are on the ballot. To this end, the former Trump press secretary urged the Republican Party to be more compassionate and pro-mother when speaking to women about abortion as an issue.

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