Trump’s GOP Senator Says Biden Soils His Pants

It has been noted that on Tuesday, the fourth day of Turning Point USA’s annual AmericaFest event — Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas got some laughs when he told the audience in Phoenix that President Joe Biden’s aides have adopted special traveling precautions via Western Journal.



“Listen, we have a president of the United States [whose] team carries extra pairs of pants with him when he travels in case he has poopy pants,” Cruz said in a clip posted to X by conservative commentator Collin Rugg.

“Big and stinky if true,” Rugg wrote in an accompanying caption.

Rugg’s clip, however, featured only half of Cruz’s joke.

“I want you to pause and think how the enemies of America are feeling,” the senator added.

Then, after a brief pause, he delivered the punchline: “Eh, depends.”

It is noted that the crowd gave him some laughs, most likely for the effort. This was not the first time a Republican politician saddled a prominent Democrat with fecal associations.

During a debate last month, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida — a candidate for his party’s presidential nomination — used a “poop map” to show how Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has long neglected the human waste-strewn streets of San Francisco.

DeSantis noted that Newsom only cleaned up those streets in anticipation of a visit from Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping. In short, the senator’s bathroom humor landed to a certain extent because it reflected an unfortunate aspect of reality. Whether or not Cruz exaggerated, what he said seemed plausible.

“I wish I could say this sounds ridiculous, but it doesn’t,” one X user commented.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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