Trump’s Guy In Congress Defends Hunter Biden After…

Hunter Biden is facing new federal criminal charges and he’s found an unlikely defender in far-right Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, who said he believes the indictment goes against Second Amendment rights via Media Ite.



President Joe Biden’s youngest son was recently indicted on three federal charges stemming from his possession of a firearm while he was addicted to drugs as well as making false statements, according to court documents. Hunter faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Gosar, a Republican firebrand for Donald Trump, wrote in his weekly newsletters on Sunday that he believes the charges filed against Hunter infringe upon the Second Amendment. GOP lawmakers, many of whom have championed rights for gun owners, have been celebrating the charges against Hunter since they were filed.

It has been noted that at the center of the charges against the younger Biden is that he filled out a form when he purchased a handgun in which he claimed to not be using drugs.

“No man is above the law, but no law is above the U.S. Constitution. As you all know, I am a self-defense and Second Amendment advocate,” Gosar wrote to his conservative supporters. “That’s why I’m not too enthusiastic about the Hunter Biden indictment handed down this week.”

“In my view, nobody should have to fill out a form and ‘get permission’ from an unauthorized government agency to exercise their Second Amendment right,” Gosar added. “I realize this is splashing cold water on some folks who want the Biden crime family prosecuted. But there are high crimes, treason, and bribery that should be the focus of the Biden family prosecution.”

Earlier in the summer, Biden had secured a plea deal with federal prosecutors but the agreement fell apart in a Delaware court weeks later. Special Counsel David Weiss brought the charges against Biden and his office claims they will continue investigating the president’s son for alleged tax crimes.

Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled House is moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into the president to investigate whether Biden used his influence as vice president in his son’s foreign business dealings in China and Ukraine.

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