Trump’s Guy In Congress Wants General ‘Executed’

According to Mediate, the statements made by Donald Trump’s friend Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in a newsletter released by his Congressional office are deeply concerning and have been widely criticized for their violent and homophobic nature. In this newsletter, Gosar launched a shocking tirade against General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which included disturbing calls for violence and death threats.



Gosar’s newsletter initially alleged that federal agencies, including the FBI and DHS, allowed the U.S. Capitol to be attacked by supporters of former President Donald Trump on January 6. It went on to criticize General Milley for his actions following the attack, particularly for his reported conversations with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which they discussed concerns about Trump’s mental state and control over the nuclear arsenal during his final days in office.

The most alarming and reprehensible aspect of the newsletter is the use of violent language and homophobic slurs against General Milley. It referred to him as “homosexual-promoting” and “sodomy-promoting,” using derogatory language to attack his character. Moreover, the newsletter shockingly called for Milley to be hanged, making explicit and harmful threats against the general.

After the riot was in full swing, the Chief’s request for National Guard was finally approved. But even after approval was given, General Milley, the homosexual-promoting-BLM-activist Chairman of the military joint chiefs, delayed. Of course, we now know that the deviant Milley was coordinating with Nancy Pelosi to hurt President Trump, and treasonously working behind Trump’s back. In a better society, quislings like the strange sodomy-promoting General Milley would be hung. He had one boss: President Trump, and instead he was secretly meeting with Pelosi and coordinating with her to hurt Trump. That is, when he wasn’t also secretly coordinating and sharing intelligence with the Chinese military. How this traitor remains in office is a question we need answered.

The content of this newsletter has rightfully sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters, with many calling for Rep. Gosar to be held accountable for his inflammatory rhetoric and threats. Such language has no place in civil discourse and is contrary to the principles of respect and civility that should guide public discourse and political discourse.

It’s important to note that these comments from Rep. Gosar are not in isolation. They echo a recent rant by former President Donald Trump on his social media platform, Truth Social, where he also made claims about General Milley’s actions and suggested he deserved the death penalty. The use of such rhetoric and the endorsement of violence by public figures are deeply concerning for the health of democratic discourse and the safety of public servants.

These statements further emphasize the need for responsible and respectful political dialogue, as well as a commitment to the values of inclusivity and non-discrimination, regardless of political affiliations or disagreements. Calls for violence and hateful language only serve to undermine the foundations of a democratic society.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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