Trump’s Guy Replaces Tucker Carlson On Fox News

In a bold move that sent shockwaves through the media landscape, Fox News recently unveiled its highly anticipated new prime time lineup, aiming to fill the void left by Tucker Carlson’s unexpected departure earlier this year. With an array of strategic changes, the network aims to maintain its dominance in the cable news arena and capture the attention of its loyal viewers.



The centerpiece of this revamped lineup is Jesse Watters, who will take the reins of the coveted 8 p.m. time slot, directly succeeding the controversial Carlson. Watters, a familiar face to Fox News viewers, has steadily climbed the ranks since joining the network two decades ago as a production assistant. Renowned for his candid commentary and engaging style, he has become one of the network’s most-watched personalities. Watters previously co-hosted the highly successful show The Five and launched his own program, Watters’ World, in the 7 p.m. slot, which has garnered considerable popularity since its debut in 2022.

Another significant change in the lineup involves Laura Ingraham, who will be moving from her current 10 p.m. slot to the earlier time of 7 p.m. Ingraham, known for her conservative viewpoints and incisive analysis, has been a stalwart figure at Fox News and has cultivated a devoted following over the years. This move showcases the network’s confidence in her ability to captivate audiences during the prime evening hours.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, a veteran presence in the Fox News lineup, will maintain his long-standing position at 9 p.m. Hannity’s program has consistently garnered high ratings and enjoys a dedicated viewership, making him an integral part of the network’s success. His steadfast presence provides stability and familiarity in a lineup undergoing significant changes.

Perhaps the most surprising alteration is the relocation of Greg Gutfeld’s highly popular late-night show, Gutfeld!, from its 11 p.m. slot to 10 p.m. While this adjustment may deprive Gutfeld of boasting the number one late-night comedy show, the network’s decision is strategic. By moving Gutfeld to an earlier time slot, Fox News aims to capitalize on his substantial audience and expand its reach during the crucial primetime hours.

Adding to the reshuffling, Trace Gallagher, a respected news anchor at the network, will step into the 11 p.m. slot. Gallagher’s promotion demonstrates Fox News’ commitment to delivering reliable and authoritative news coverage even during the late-night hours.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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