Trump’s Mistress Reveals Affair Was ‘Criminal’

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star had claimed to have had an affair with former President Donald Trump. She has once again grabbed the headlines this week after she made another round of comments about former President Donald Trump.



Stormy Daniels regrets

During an interview on “Good Morning Britain,” Daniels said she regrets coming forward about her alleged affair and said she fears Trump will “get away with” the criminal charges he faces tied to alleged hush-money payouts.

“I spoke my truth, but it was just for nothing. I just feel like if people don’t want to face facts and see the truth … then you know what, I’d rather have had the time back with my family. I almost feel like humans aren’t really worth saving at this point,” Daniels said dejectedly.

“Truth doesn’t seem to matter. Because I’m the one that gets the messages from his supporters. They’ve gone after friends and family,” she said, alleging Trump supporters have come after her.

“In 2018, when the story first broke about me, of course, I was attacked — I was called a sl** and a gold digger and, and all of these horrible things that I probably can’t say on TV,” she said. “But now they’ve become bold. And they’ve changed — their threats are more real.”

It was noted last month that the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals awarded Trump $121,962.56 in attorney fees from Daniels. The nearly $122,00 is in addition to the roughly $500,000 that she was ordered to pay him last year.

The ruling came down as Trump was in Manhattan and pleaded not guilty to 34 charges regarding allegations that he falsified business records related to Daniels’s hush money case. Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury in a case involving his purported role in hush money payments to Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, allegedly to keep Daniels quiet about an affair the two of them had in 2006.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling is separate from the Manhattan case.

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