Trump’s Nazi Buddy Explodes At Kanye West

Nick Fuentes didn’t expect Kanye West to go ahead and apologize for his anti-Semitic statements. Nick was taken aback after West, commonly known as “Ye”, took to Instagram and apologized stating that he was sorry and even went on to say that he felt bad for “any pain I may have caused”. Ye had posted in Hebrew, which is the Jewish language.



The Neo-Nazi Groyper leader wasn’t sure if Ye was apologizing for his recent comments or the ones last year. Ye was on an anti-Semitic tirade which happened just under two weeks ago. West was so against Jews last year, that during last year’s anti-Jewish meltdown he declared he likes Adolf Hitler. According to Mediaite, Fuentes said that West’s response was “a big, tough blackpill for all of us to swallow.” He even called it “disappointing, but not really a surprise.”

Nick couldn’t control his thoughts and said, “It doesn’t really make a difference. He apologized. It’s so over. It’s a total capitulation! I never thought I’d see it.” The progressive watchdog Right Wing Watch posted a clip of Nick Fuentes’ show where he could be seen saying those words. It’s worth noting that Nick hasn’t been friendly towards Jews. He had previously stated that Jews and other non-Christians to be executed. Fuentes was alongside West when he met Donald Trump for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

The recent apology from West comes at a time when he is about to drop a new album. While no one knows if this apology will help in his album sales or not, one thing is sure that he has a lot to do before people can start believing him in any situation of his life. Kanye hasn’t done good things for the Jews in recent memory, so it would be difficult to make way amongst the Jewish community through an apology.

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