Trump’s New Speaker Removing Biden From Office?

According to Briebart, the newly appointed Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson (R-LA), has emerged as a fervent proponent of the House’s impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden, citing alleged involvement in the Biden family’s business affairs as the impetus for the inquiry. In a compelling speech delivered on the House floor in September, Johnson presented three compelling arguments that underpinned the rationale behind the initial launch of the investigation, a move set in motion by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).



Johnson eloquently emphasized the following three pivotal points: firstly, President Biden’s direct deception of the American public; secondly, the purported multimillion-dollar profits accrued by the Biden family and their associates through the utilization of shell companies; and lastly, the obstructionist stance adopted by President Biden’s federal agencies in response to the legitimate congressional inquiry.

Notably, Johnson, who has served as the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference and contributed significantly to the House Judiciary Committee, emphasized that these facts represent merely a fraction of the comprehensive scope of the investigation. He expressed concern over the overwhelming abundance of scandals and corruption that have come to light, emphasizing the insidious nature of the ever-expanding web of deceit and malfeasance.

Johnson directed scathing criticism at the media, accusing them of complicity in concealing the unfolding scandal. He decried their unquestioning acceptance of the White House’s narrative, accusing them of attempting to delegitimize the House’s inquiry, including the prospect of impeachment. Johnson even cited several disparaging headlines from prominent media outlets, such as CNN, Reuters, and MSNBC, further highlighting what he perceived as a concerted effort to undermine the legitimacy of the investigation.

Drawing attention to the most recent development in the probe, Johnson vehemently rebuked Joe Biden for accepting a $200,000 check from his brother James, who purportedly claimed that the funds were not associated with any business arrangement with his brother Hunter.

There are three irrefutable facts that have taken us to this point: Number one, President Biden lied directly to the American people. Number two, President Biden’s family and their associates profited millions through shell companies. Number three, President Biden’s federal agencies are stonewalling our legitimate congressional inquiry.

There are so many scandals; there’s so much corruption that’s been uncovered. Every stone that we overturn leads to more and more corruption. And because of that, Mr. Speaker, a lot of the American people are simply getting lost in the barrage of evidence, in the barrage of allegations of corruption and the evidence itself.

Expressing his firm stance on accountability, Johnson conveyed his unwavering conviction that no individual, especially a sitting President, should be permitted to evade scrutiny and accountability for such potentially egregious actions. He underlined the necessity of holding individuals accountable for any perceived acts of influence peddling, solidifying his commitment to ensuring transparency and integrity within the highest echelons of government.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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