Trump’s President Rival Swears At CNN Host

Former President Donald Trump recently launched a rant about fading presidential rival Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in a late-night screed mocking the candidate over turmoil in his campaign orbit via Mediaite.



It has been noted that when he’s not holding rallies where he generates headlines about parroting the language of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler again and again and again, or still thinking Obama is the president, or giving interviews along similar lines, Trump is a frequent poster to his Truth Social platform.

Although the platform is not as widely used as Twitter or other social media platforms, it is a favorite method for Trump to get his message out to supporters. And many of those messages have to do with mocking, attacking, or otherwise going off on his political rivals, his critics in the media, and the principal parties in the criminal and civil cases against him.

Late Monday night, Trump published a Truth Social post in which he mocked DeSantis — to whom he frequently refers as “DeSanctimonious” or the less lengthy “DeSanctis” — over the chaos within his campaign and SuperPAC and his consistently flagging poll numbers:

The Ron DeSanctimonious “team” of misfits and grifters has largely quit his campaign to go on to greener pastures. It has been a terrible experience for them as they have watched their candidate fall violently from the sky like a wounded bird. Jeff Roe, his “chief strategist” and head of his PAC, “Always Back Down,” after having done major surgery on Ron’s wallet, couldn’t get out of town fast enough. Now Jeff can spend full time in Texas working with Ted Cruz, formerly known as Lyin’ Ted, who is working hard to get back the magic they had together in 2016!

The Trump campaign has also been putting out a series of daily “KISS OF DEATH” emails taunting DeSantis about his presidential bid’s misfortunes.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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