Trump’s Pretty Lawyer Says ‘It’s Not My Fault’ After Epic Fail

According to Mediaite, former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, has rejected claims that a failure to check a box on a document was responsible for Trump’s inability to secure a jury trial in his $250 million civil fraud lawsuit. Habba characterized this allegation as a “misconception” and clarified the legal intricacies surrounding the case during an appearance on Newsmax’s The Balance.



In response to concerns raised by analysts and political pundits that Trump’s own legal team had missed the opportunity to request a jury trial, Habba addressed the matter with host Eric Bolling. She stated:

“I have to address this one common misconception in the press, and unfortunately, it just keeps getting repeated, which is that we had this great option to have a box checked for a jury. No, we didn’t have that. That’s not how this works. They brought it under Section 63(12), which is a very narrow, not appropriately used section of the law, which is for consumer protection.”

Habba went on to emphasize that the case was not as straightforward as some had suggested. It was brought under Section 63(12), which deals with consumer protection, and not a standard case where a jury trial request could be made.

She further argued that the case revolved around property values, specifically real estate, and contended that anyone with real estate knowledge would understand that a tax assessment is not equivalent to the market value of a property. Habba stressed, “The banks were paid back in full. There was absolutely no defaults, no notices of default. Every loan was paid back and paid back sometimes early. This is a joke.”

Habba’s remarks aim to clarify the legal nuances of the case and dispel the notion that a simple procedural error by Trump’s legal team led to the absence of a jury trial option. The ongoing lawsuit has garnered significant attention and remains a subject of intense debate in legal and political circles.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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