Trump’s Proud Boys Attack Neo Nazis In Video

Video clips have emerged showing that a group of Donald Trump supporting Proud Boys confronted a rival clan of neo-Nazis at an Oregon City rally on Saturday by surrounding them and pulling off their masks.



The Proud Boys, a right-wing group involved with the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, protested a LGBTQ+ pride parade over the weekend in Oregon City. However, the rally went from peaceful to violent when a group of local neo-Nazis, known as Rose City Nationalists, decided to protest alongside the organization.

“Get the fuck out of here,” one Proud Boy shouts as other members shove the masked White supremacists while screaming homophobic slurs and threats, according to footage posted on social media.

A shoving match ensues between the groups, resulting in multiple Proud Boys punching the neo-Nazis and beating them with an American flag pole. As the Rose City Nationalists scatter in confusion, a Proud Boy member can be seen ripping off their masks while others shout, “Demask them! Demask!”

A fight breaks out in the middle of the group with members from both sides shoving each other aggressively into the road, while car horns beep and traffic pauses. Several passers-by film the combat on their phones as some members of the rival groups take a tumble and begin grappling on the ground.

The fight spills further onto the road and members of the Proud Boys demand the neo-Nazis are ‘de-masked’, while a local security official is seen calling for calm. Several of the Rose City Nationalists members lose their masks amid the brawl, and they back away with gloved hands covering their faces as the Proud Boys continue their advance.

A video taken from a wider angle shows at least 20 people were involved in the street combat, and a woman can be heard shouting: ‘Get them out of here!’

Some conservative accounts on Twitter accused the Rose City Nationalists of being “feds,” or uncover members of U.S. law enforcement. However, there is no evidence to suggest the white supremacists were working the federal government.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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