Trump’s QAnon Leader Dies In Tragic Accident

According to a report by The Sun, Michael Protzman, the leader of the QAnon cult, has tragically passed away following a dirt bike accident. The medical examiner’s report obtained by Vice News revealed that Protzman succumbed to multiple blunt force injuries after losing control of his dirt bike at the Meadow Valley Motocross track in Millville, Minnesota, on June 30.



Known as Negative48 among his followers, Protzman rose to prominence as a QAnon guru in early 2021, amassing over 100,000 followers on his Telegram channel during the Covid-19 pandemic. He espoused beliefs such as the idea that former president John F. Kennedy and his son JFK Jr. were still alive, capturing the attention and conviction of thousands of followers across the United States.

In November 2021, Protzman convinced his followers to converge on Dallas, Texas, in anticipation of the former president’s supposed “reappearance” at Dealey Plaza, the site of JFK’s assassination in 1963. He propagated the belief that Kennedy would reinstate Donald Trump as president and aid in the persecution of a global cabal of pedophilic, blood-drinking liberal elites—beliefs central to the QAnon ideology but lacking any substantiated evidence.

When his predictions failed to materialize, Protzman would modify his conspiracies to maintain control over his followers. In June 2022, he once again commanded his devotees to gather at Dealey Plaza, this time claiming that former President Trump had communicated with him through coded language at a rally. He asserted that June 11, 2022, was the actual date of Kennedy’s return to Dallas based on his interpretation of Trump’s words. Protzman further claimed to be in direct contact with Trump, insisting that the former president was disguising himself as JFK Jr.

Photographs of Protzman at various Trump rallies over the past few years confirm his association with the former president. However, despite the medical examiner’s document obtained by Vice News, some of Protzman’s followers have disputed the report of his death, asserting that it is part of a larger plan orchestrated by him. Shelly Mullinax, one of Protzman’s early followers who had a falling out with him and the group, expressed her belief that the deceased individual was merely an “evil version” of Protzman, and that the “good version”—JFK Jr. in disguise—remains alive.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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