Trump’s Son Melts Down On Live TV After Dad Loses Millions

Soon after the latter rendered a $363.9 million decision, Eric Trump attacked Judge Arthur Engoron and Attorney General Letitia James of New York.



In his civil trial in New York last year, Judge James Engoron found Donald Trump and the Trump Organization guilty of fraud. On Friday, the judge made a ruling requiring the former president to pay $354 million for inflating the worth of his properties in order to get better terms from banks and insurers.

Additionally, Engoron ordered former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to pay $1 million, as well as company leaders Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to pay $4 million apiece. The Trumps denied inflating their assets and contended that there was no fraud as no institutions suffered financial losses.

Eric Trump appeared on Friday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle, where he went on a lengthy diatribe and noted that James became attorney general after promising to go after his father.

“She campaigned on that, she fundraised on that. We didn’t have a chance, Jeanine,” he told guest host Jeanine Pirro. “We just didn’t have a chance in New York because it’s a rigged system. And you could not have a better real estate company than ours. You could not have a more professional real estate company than ours.”

The younger Trump went on to say that people and businesses are fleeing New York because it is “a lost state.” He then claimed his father is responsible for New York City’s tall buildings.

“You have a company like ours that have paid over $300 million in taxes to a city,” he said. “My father built the skyline of New York City – and this is the thanks he gets?! For doing absolutely nothing wrong? Not a dollar financial loss. The exact opposite. Hundreds of millions of dollars in financial gain.”

Trump said they will appeal the ruling and concluded, “I promise you, we’re gonna get it overturned.”

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