Trump’s Son Posts His Message About ‘Losing Memory’

Donald Trump recently made fun of the DOJ’s report on Joe Biden and stated that he can use mental incompetence and bad memory to get out of trouble. His son Trump Jr replied to it, stating that the DOJ would still be going after Joe Biden in 25 years.



It’s funny because in 25 years they’ll still be going after him. Playin the long game! LOL


The 2024 GOP nomination race is seeing significant financial support for Nikki Haley from a roster of Silicon Valley billionaires and prominent Republican donors. Haley’s campaign received a substantial boost with a fundraising total of $41.6 million in the latter half of 2023, much of which came from anti-Trump billionaires.

Key organizations associated with Haley’s campaign, including SFA Fund Inc., Team Stand for America, Stand for America PAC, and Stand for America Inc., significantly contributed to her financial position. These groups collectively raised over $129 million in total receipts in 2023, with the bulk of funding coming from deep-pocketed supporters seeking an alternative to former President Trump.

Several notable donors have made substantial contributions to Haley’s campaign. Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, contributed $10 million to SFA Fund Inc. in 2023. Paul Singer, founder of Elliott Investment Management, donated $5 million to the fund in December 2023, marking the largest single donation of his career. Kenneth Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel Investment Group, also contributed $5 million to the fund in December 2023.

Other significant donors include Patrick Ryan, chairman of Ryan Companies US Inc., and Shirley Ryan, CEO of, who each donated $2.5 million to the SFA Fund. Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates, contributed $1 million to the fund, while James Davis, owner and chairman of New Balance, donated approximately $2.5 million.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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