Trump’s Team Explodes After His Girls Plead Guilty

Donald Trump is distancing himself from anyone that isn’t talking his tone ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election. This includes many in his inner circle from the post 2020 presidential election. Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and Kenneth Cheseboro have pleaded guilty to the charges of trying to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election results. These charges were brought in by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.



Mike Lindell’s streaming service has a show The Absolute Truth, which saw an appearence by Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington. Liz said that the former president was confused on why did the three members from his team accept these charges. It’s worth noting that Trump has denied having them in their team after they pleaded guilty.

I think he’s a little confused because if you’re a lawyer, you know there’s no crimes here. According to the law, there’s literally nothing to plead guilty to because there’s nothing that was — no laws that were broken.

Speaking out against a fraudulent election and telling people to watch hearings and petition their elected officials about fraud that was happening on camera. I mean, it’s just surprising.

Donald Trump is trying to run for the President’s position amid ongoing trials

Donald Trump has many charges against him. There are multiple trials going on, but the former commander in chief is doing everything in his power to stay relevant and in the race for the biggest position in the country.

According to Mediaite, Trump and fifteen others face racketeering charges. If the charges are proved then Trump would have to spend longer time behind the bars. These three attorneys will not face prison time as they have agreed to testify Truthfully for prosecution against the other defendants in the case.

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