Truth On Possibility of Steve Austin Joining TNA, Latest On Other Names

When news broke that other names of pro wrestling prominence were expected to join Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in signing with TNA, Steve Austin’s name jumped to the top of speculation lists.



But, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is virtually no chance of it happening.

Austin is reportedly still under some sort of WWE contract that essentially pays him big money to not wrestle or otherwise perform for competing promotions.

Further, all sources maintain that Austin still does not want to impact his potential Hollywood career by getting into bed, full time, with a wrestling company.

— Other names being discussed, according to F4WOnline: DDP still maintains that a TNA debut is not in the works, although his latest philosophy is that if his indy work goes well in the next few months that he might sign with TNA due to his friendship with Bischoff…as reported, JBL remains uninterested in a TNA deal…Nothing has been added regarding talk of Rob Van Dam being on a TNA/Hulk Hogan shortlist.

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