Tucker Carlson Reveals Sad Truth About Trump’s Age

In a recent interview on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show, Tucker on X, the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, made a bold statement about the age of potential presidential candidates for the 2024 election. During their discussion, Portnoy didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion that both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden are “too old” to be running for the presidency in 2024, given their ages of 77 and 80, respectively.



The interview delved into a range of topics, including Portnoy’s recent altercation with a pizza shop owner and Trump’s decision to skip the first 2024 Republican primary debate in favor of an interview with Carlson himself. Portnoy expressed his belief that Trump should have participated in the debate, even though he understood the strategic reasoning behind the decision to avoid it. He argued that, for the betterment of the country, Trump’s presence in the debate was crucial.

Carlson, who is known for his conservative views and candid discussions, shared Portnoy’s sentiment to some extent. He expressed his personal fondness for debates but criticized the news companies that host them for their perceived corruption and bias, highlighting a widespread distrust in the system.

As the conversation shifted towards the potential 2024 Democratic nominee, Carlson asked Portnoy for his perspective. Although Portnoy clarified that he wasn’t a political expert, he believed there was an internal shift within the Democratic party, suggesting they might be considering alternatives to Biden due to doubts about his electability. Portnoy then boldly stated his opinion that both Trump and Biden were simply too old to serve as president, citing concerns about Biden’s mental acuity.

On Trump’s decision to skip the first 2024 Republican primary debate this month in favor of an interview with Carlson, Portnoy said, “I thought he should’ve done the debate.”

He argued, “To become president, I think it was the right move not to do it, but for the betterment of the country, I think he should be on the debate.”

Carlson responded, “I kind of agree. I like the debates, personally. The problem is that the news companies that host the debates are so rotten and corrupt and everybody knows it. The whole thing is rotten and corrupt.”

After Carlson asked Portnoy whether he thought Biden would be the 2024 Democratic nominee, Portnoy said, “I don’t know, I’m not a political person, but I feel like there’s been a shift where, internally, maybe the Democrats don’t think he can win and they’re setting the stage to do somebody else.”

Portnoy then added, “To be honest, I think both Trump and Biden are too old. I don’t think you should be able to be that old to be president.”

“I agree 100%,” Carlson replied.

“I think Biden has got some serious dementia issues,” Portnoy concluded.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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