Tucker Carlson Scorches Mike Pence For Trump

It has come to light via Media Ite that the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the former Vice President Mike Pence during his speech at a Turning Point Conference on Saturday over the GOP presidential hopeful’s support for Ukraine.



Carlson went on to ask Pence on Friday at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa for his thoughts on the allegation that the Ukrainian government under President Volodymyr Zelensky has persecuted Christians in the country.

The former vice president snubbed Carlson’s claims that Ukraine had arrested Christian leaders in the country. He also criticized the Biden administration for giving more aid to Ukraine. The confrontation went viral with right wing critics lambasting Pence for his response.

Carlson spoke about this issue during his speech in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday without directly naming Pence, invoking the politician’s faith while bashing his call to arm Ukraine with cluster bombs.

“There are clergy in Ukraine who are being thrown in prison, convents raided, nuns kicked out, priests handcuffed, thrown in jail,” said Carlson. “So I asked a self-appointed Christian leader about that, and I said, ‘What do you think? As someone who’s spent his life advocating for religious freedom about raiding nunneries and throwing priests in jail?’ And he said with a straight face, ‘Well, they you know, they had the wrong views.’”

“Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what the boundaries were. So you have religious freedom or freedom of speech or freedom of assembly as long as you stay within the lines. But if you express an unapproved view, then you go to jail,” He added. “Is that the freedom that you recognize? No, that’s insane.”

Carlson then claimed that Pence was “not much of a Christian leader” because he supported arming and funding a Ukrainian government that imprisons Christians.

“If you’re a Christian leader and Christians are going to jail for their views, you are required to say something.” Carlson concluded. “And if you don’t, you’re not much of a Christian leader.”

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