Tupac Shakur Sad Warning For Mike Tyson Leaks

Very few people would want to poke fun at the boxing legend Mike Tyson. However, comedian Aries Spears made fun of Tyson during a stand-up show. In an interview with Vlad TV, Spears recalled a memory of performing stand-up at the legendary Comedy Store in Los Angeles, during which he poked fun at Tyson’s lisp and shrill voice.



Tupac Shakur came to the aid of Mike Tyson

However, he was confronted by Hip-Hop legend Tupac Shakur. He stated that Shakur came to him while he was performing his set and told him to leave Tyson alone.

“So, one time, I think, yeah, Tupac came through and Mike wasn’t there, but I was doing some Mike Tyson jokes. ”So, he stood up and was like, ‘Yo, don’t f*ck with my n*gga Mike Tyson! Move on! You leave my n*gga, Mike Tyson, alone,” said Spears.

However, he added that after the show was over, the hip-hop icon came to him with a much friendlier attitude. Aries stated that he only wanted to look out for Tyson and had nothing against him personally:

“Pac was defending his man. It was strange because when it was over Pac was like giving me so much love, like man that was funny n**a, you funny. He just didn’t want me to f*k with Mike.”

Tyson has been making some public appearances recently. He was spotted in public this week while out in New York City. But, the sights had raised concerns for the fans as he needed a cane to get around. ‘Iron Mike’ has reportedly been dealing with a “sciatica flare-up” in his back. He was recently pictured in a wheelchair at Miami International Airport on Tuesday. Tyson’s latest outing when he was assisted in a wheelchair by an airport employee came exactly three weeks after he was seen moving gingerly while out in New York City.

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