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Twitter reacts to Royal Rumble 2019

  • The Random Reader

    And your a triggered f***boy

  • Michael Scoreboard Littleton

    Your pathetic

  • The Random Reader

    The best part when that fat b**** Nia gets superkicked, 691, and RKO’ed and eliminated out of the match

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It seems like NXT is taking over the WWE. I am even starting to wonder if WWE don’t change it name to NXT some day.

  • Kyle Abraham

    The NXT appearances were the best part of either Rumble easily. Braun took a nap, yet again, Kofi’s “amazing Royal Rumble moment” was greatly overshadowed by Naomi’s and Kaci Catanzaro’s. The only match that stood out to me outside of the Rumbles was Brock/Finn, was pretty underwhelmed overall.