Two More Injuries from WWE NXT Revealed, 7 Developmental Talents Currently Out of Action

– WWE NXT star Marcus Louis is currently out of action with a leg injury. Cal Bishop is also out of action, with a torn rotator cuff and that could have him out 7-8 months if he needs surgery. Here’s the list of recent injuries that we know of to WWE developmental talents:



* Tyler Breeze, broken finger
* Corey Graves, second concussion
* Kendall Skye, broken wrist
* Dana Brooke, leg injury
* Veronica Lane, leg injury
* Marcus Louis, leg injury
* Cal Bishop, torn rotator cuff

We noted earlier that Slate Randall was out of action with a concussion but he tweeted that the concussion came in early May and he’s already been cleared to return.

Source: PWInsider

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