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Two WWE contracts set to expire next month

Mike Kanellis - Maria Kanellis - 205 Live

Earlier on in the year, it was reported that Mike and Maria Kanellis were incredibly frustrated with the way they were used in the WWE, and had even asked to be released. Their debut at Money in the Bank was followed by a losing streak by Mike, and his record hasn’t gotten much better since making the move to 205 Live.

Maria did respond, denying any claims that she and her husband were looking to leave.

Whether they really were trying to get released back then is unknown. However, it does indeed look like they may attempt to take their ball and go elsewhere. In a tweet today, Maria revealed to the world that the contracts of both her husband and herself would be expiring in three weeks.

With the success of the wrestling world outside of WWE, and several superstars attempting to leave to explore other opportunities, like Jon Moxley breaking away to work with the newly formed AEW, we may see Mike and Maria Kanellis leap to another promotion quite soon.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Mike is correct. 205 Live is home to probably the most regular good-to-great matches on the main roster.

  • Mike the Ike

    Hopefully they leave and Maria can go back to being a sexxbomb and Mike can challenge for the ROH title.

  • Mike the Ike

    They put on better matches then you’ll see on Raw or Smackdown.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Oh they were in 205, no wonder I haven’t seen them because I don’t watch that crap.

  • Sparti Love


  • CC

    I know when Maria denied they asked for their release certain members of the IWC said she was lying, but to me with a contract with that little time left on it, I think it would be silly for them to ask for their release.
    With only a handful of months on their contract, it would be better to just wait it out like Moxley did rather than ask for their release and end up with time being added on like what recently happened to Harper.
    With her pregnancy and Mikes issues, WWE would probably have stuck another six months or more on their contracts.