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Why Tyler Breeze didn’t know WCW or ECW existed when he was younger

Tyler Breeze is also known as Prince Pretty and one of the best parts of SmackDown Live alongside Fandango. But Breeze was once a little boy in Canada just finding out about the wonderful world of pro wrestling.

Tyler recently spoke to Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho about his first exposure to WWE and why he thought they were the only game in town.

“You know it’s kinda crazy man because I grew up just like in a small little town and I had two channels growing up” Tyler Breeze said. “It was just a small little town and I had a small TV with the bunny ears on it and I had two channels — two and seven — and WWF was the only [wrestling show] that came on. It was WWF Superstars on Saturday afternoon. Besides that, I had no clue any other wrestling existed.”

“I didn’t know about independents, I didn’t know about or anything” Breeze continued. “And I slowly — we used to have “Video Updates” — like the Blockbuster where I was. And you go there and get this deal, it was seven movies for seven days for $7 and my family would go, we’d chose the movies and I would always choose two movies and I would always choose these random wrestling ones.”

“But it would have these guys who I would have no clue who they were like Sting and Vader and all these guys and I’d go: ‘they’re not from WWF, I have no clue who these guys are’ — or I’d be like playing a WCW video game and I’d go ‘this must just be like made up [characters] — I don’t know who any of these guys are!'”

Of course, Tyler Breeze finally discovered other pro wrestling companies but his first exposure to WWE has got to be a reason why he is still so tride and true to Vince McMahon and Company.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Talk Is Jericho and for the transcription

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    Quite interesting that Breeze is 17 years younger than me, and grew up in Canada (the home of the Harts) and yet his exposure to wrestling was worse than here in the UK,
    I grew up with classic Brit wrestling with the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks etc, and my only exposure to any WWE/F wrestlers would have been William Regal (although it took me years to realise I had watched him back in those days). It was not til my late teens that I really became aware of US wrestling. I had seen adverts in American comic books etc, and seen Hogan in a film or two, but my first real exposure to wrestling was early to mid 90s WCW on a Saturday afternoon on terrestrial tv. We could not afford satellite tv (and cable did not exist here back then), so never get to see WWF, but I knew it existed.

    Then I kinda lost track of wrestling apart from all the NWO stuff I kept seeing in comic book ads.

    My first actual WWF match was the Royal Rumble of 2000. While WWF shows were only shown on Sky, for some reason they started showing PPV’s on Channel 4 terrestrial tv as well.
    Then I spotted Sunday night Heat as well on the same channel.
    It was this that really sold me on getting back into wrestling. I got satellite tv, bought DVD’s of WWF and ECW and a few WCW VHS tapes. Then I started on the tape trading circuit, buy VHS tapes of the early TNA shows as they came out as it was not shown here.

    Just seems funny to me that a guy that much younger than me, in a country that boarders the USA would find it so difficult to hear about other wrestling promotions. His town must have been truly isolated.